Initial Thoughts

(Photo taken in Croatia)

As I make the constant effort to becoming a consistent, profitable and successful trader, I find that putting my thoughts down on paper is a good way to make better progress.  I’ve always heard from other well known traders to make a journal – You can’t be successful if you don’t have a journal, yadda yadda.

And I’m not really the journal type of guy.  I tried, but ultimately fail because it felt forced.  It felt like a chore and we as humans just don’t wanna do things that we don’t wanna do.  But I did realize it does feel therapeutic to sometimes talk to myself or get my feelings down on paper.  Plus, it’s cool now.  To blog.  Take pictures of food.  Instagram my sweet new Chinese character tattoo.  Not be racist.  I listen to hip hop.  I’m definitely not racist.

I usually e-mail this guy (he’s a full time trader) with how my week has been going (more on him and that later on) and whether or not he replies, I always felt a little bit better about my progress and what I’ve accomplished so far when I go back to the “sent e-mail” section and re-read what I sent him.  Sometimes I read it and think how retarded I sounded, so it makes for good fun. I will forever be grateful to him but I think it’s also time that I ween myself from that process (and save him my constant yammering) and add in some self reflection.  He will probably thank the heavens as well.  He probably would love to jab me in the nose.  Or tell me to STFU sometimes.  Poor guy.  He’s super cool though.

Reviewing what I have learned, the mistakes that I have made and really, having the awareness of what needs to be done to make improvements are crucial to any trader’s success – I know this.  So I hope that looking back on how I got here today and then putting my thoughts down going forward will not only benefit me, but hopefully anybody who stumbles across this site. I realize the journey will be different for everybody, and most do fail, so I hope my  collaboration of thoughts and processes will not only help me but help others become a better, more successful trader.  Plus, I get enjoyment out of making myself out to be some sort of blogger now.  Hah – can I put in on my resume?  Professional blogger?  Just like people who take pictures with expensive cameras are professional photographers?  Well at least I don’t upload pictures of my dinner from Applebees on Instagram…. or take selfies.  Or drive a Prius.  Actually I drove one in Japan.  It was really nice.  Maybe later I will even use some cuss werds on here.  That’ll be the ultimate rush.  Cuss werds on da blogosphere. Ooooooh can’t wait.  Stay tuned.  Phuckeroonies.







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