Jan 25th, 2017 – Gettin jiggy wit it

So I actually traded 2 sessions on Wednesday, Jan 5th.  I worked during the London session, so decided I would take a peek during Tokyo drift hours.  Remember, Bow Wow was in that movie?  It actually wasn’t a bad F&F movie, I preferred it over 2.

First trade in the Tokyo session.  Volatility started to pick up and we saw nice momentum to the downside.  Was looking to get in on the next pop downwards.  Was entered in on the next pop down but stalled pretty quickly.  Was willing to give it another chance to move down.  It did but not much to do with this as price just shot back up against me pretty quickly.  Closed out for -4 pips.


But wait, there’s more!  So after work, I got back home in time for the overlap session (London/NYC) and volatility and movement was pretty good.


Had some strong downward momentum all day long so was looking at an opportunity to go short.  First one came and after getting triggered in, almost immediately shot down in my favor.  Such a good feeling – kind of like hitting a home run in baseball or a beautiful drive off the tee.  When you click the mouse it just feels right.

I had an original 8 pip target but selling momentum was so strong that I moved my target down to 12 pips and trailed my stop down.  I told my self the first sign of hesitation after 8 pips I will close it.  So about 10 pips down I got 2 small sideways bars and closed it out.  Left about another 6 pips on the table but no sweat.  I was happy for the extra 2 pips.

Second trade – wowzers.  So I’ve been keeping my trading risk to a minimum (like .05% of my capital) per trade as to get used to using real money so I have been usually risking about 1 mini lot and will raise it when I am making money consistently.  So this time, I wanted to risk 8 micro lots but instead entered 8 mini lots.  Big difference.  We’re talking a decimal place.  Well alright, it’s not huge money to begin with but anyway….

After entering and price went my way about 4 pips, I looked at the account summary box. What the shit?  There’s an extra decimal place in there.  Luckily, I was in the money and closed out immediately for +4.5 pips.  Nice surprise I suppose, but don’t want to make that mistake again.

Good thing I closed it out immediately too because it ended up coming back.  I still felt selling momentum was winning so entered in on my 4th trade of the day.  This time I was going to keep a really tight leash on it as I felt a potential range or uptrend was developing.  So after entry, price went back into the consolidation.  It kind of meandered around for a few minutes and I didn’t like that selling pressure wasn’t coming back in.  So I moved my target to break even and exited there.  Lucky for me as soon after I exited, price shot up.

Good day overall.  Can’t complain.  Little by little progress every day.  Slow and steady.

Pretty soon I’ll be in my banana hammock trading with my tethered laptop on a sunny beach in Mexico driving around Porsches and Lambos with my diamond encrusted watches and Moet bottles.  I’ve always wanted to be in a rap video.  I guess this trading thing is my one way ticket to it, playa.



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