Feb 1, 2017 – Round and a round

I’ve been having some good trades and been pretty focused each day of trading.  Now today was the first time in a while I got pretty frustrated and the frustration continued into the next day (you’ll see what I mean in the next day’s trades).  What is frustration?  Well getting a little irked is normal.  But actually yelling at the monitor, “go ahead, tap the f’n stop and go. I bet that’s exactly what you’re gonna do…. go ahead do it…. tap it again you f*^&*,” that my friend, is frustration in all its glory.  My poor monitor.

See, I’ve been having this issue that I call “tap and go,” where it seems like some market force or evil midget behind a screen is having price reach my stop, tap it, then go off into the direction I originally intended for.  So today I made my first trade and it was solid. BUT, the evil midget struck again.  Not only does he sit in his evil stop tap lair, but he also makes it so that prices barely miss your target – which I like to call “wiff and go.”

So here you have the first trade of the day.  Literally .3 pips from target, wiff and go back.  I closed it for +5.3 pips.  Second trade, I’m in.  Pulls back, taps my stop and bye bye.  It takes off.  WTF. Literally tapped my stop for a millisecond and took the fuck off.  -6 pips.


Last trade of the day, yeah that was me taking a risky trade, but a new pivot high was made so I thought it was just as likely to switch to the upside as it was to continue to the downside.  Was a good trade, no stop and go tap bullshit so can’t complain.

Just wait until you see the next day’s trades though. FML.



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