In the Zone


Holy sheeet.  Need days like this everyday.

Damn, I just crushed it yesterday.  I don’t know what got into me but I was what the Spanish call “in el zone.”

Attacking counter-trend pullbacks, getting in on trend continuations.  Cutting trades short when I needed to, letting them run.  Granted I did miss out on a few trades because I was walking my dog at one point.  But I was just so zoned in that I was like a sniper hopped up on Red Bull and Ritalin waiting for the next trade to pounce on.  Blue lines are winners, red lines are the losers.

7 for 9.  +35 or something pips.

I was also profitable the two days before this as well.  Like more than my usual pip or two profit – significantly profitable.  Not sure if I’m finally seeing the price action better after months of daily grind or if the past 3 days were just conducive to my style of trading.  I dunno.

Hope this continues on.  I’ll be riding my Lambo with my bishes.  Actually, no. No bishes. Wife would kill me.

Have a nice weekend everyone.  Yes I’m in a good mood.  I normally don’t wish any of you guys anything.  But since I’m all giddy from 3 straight (significant) green days of just ripping shit up, I’ll bode you all a nice weekend.




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