More stocks! Gotta say it like staallkkks!

I started out, like most, with stocks.  I’m not really sure why I left because I’ve always some some success with stocks.  But I think it was mostly due to the PDT rule and me not having the $25k to day trade stocks.

Made a pretty major switch lately back over to day trading stocks.  Although the forex trading was going ok (it’s very grindy… up a little, down a little…. even…and so on), I was taking stabs at a few stocks that were moving nicely each day.  After a few weeks and booking some nice profits each week, I decided to focus more on stocks for now.

I may go back to forex or maybe even futures but for now I seem to have found a nice little groove in stocks.  How much longer will these stocks move the way that is conducive to my trading style?  I don’t know, but as long as it does I’ll keep taking the trades.  And being limited to 3 day trades per week really has me focusing in on only taking my perfect setup – which is a great lesson for teaching patience and really taking each trade seriously.  I’m really looking forward to putting $25k into an account soon so that I can day trade freely.

Will get into the details of the kinds of stocks I’ve been trading and how I trade them but it’s not rocket science and I am using only basic support/resistance.



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