Best music of the late 90’s early 2000’s

Warning: If you aren’t a hip hop / rap fan of the 90’s, you aren’t cool.  Just kidding…. you might be cool but you are so white.

Born in January of ’85, I grew up in the sticks of central Pennsylvania.  I played football, baseball, and shot BB guns.  I tried chewing tobacco when I was 12 and had my first beer when I was 15.  Bon Jovi, Journey, Guns n Roses and Metallica were on constant repeat in town.  I hated them.  Actually Guns n Roses is alright.  Metallica is alright too.  Bon Jovi and Journey are pretty awful to my ears, even to this day.  I just want to jump out into traffic every time I hear crowds of frat-boy type white folk half drunk sing “OHHHHHH, WE’RE HALFWAYYYY THEEERRRREE… OHHHHH OHHHHHHH, LIVINGGGGG ON A PRRAAAAAAYYYYER.”

Oh man, typing that was painful.  Fuck.

So my guilty pleasure….. rap music.  My dad hated it, my friends hated it and I probably would’ve been called names for listening to it.  But I loved it.  I remember saving up money to buy my first rap album and probably my favorite of all time.  DMX – It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.  Got damn, that was such a good album.  I’d rock that on my Sony Discman ESP with 10 second skip protection on repeat for months.  I’d tap the top of my CD player to see how long it would go until it started skipping.  And it took AA batteries. I’d go through those Duracell AA’s like a hot knife through butter. Oh man, some of the best times ever.

I remember listening to the DMX track “Intro,” before getting into my first fist fight.  It was one of those scheduled fights like “yo, meet me out back at 1:00PM tomorrow.”  I put on that DMX track, felt the adrenaline surge, the hype of motivation, rolled up and one punch later, I was standing over a body with a smirk on my face.  Alright, maybe it didn’t happen like that.  Not at all.  But Mike Tyson and Chuck Liddell both had it as their entrance song so that’s saying something, no?

And then I listen to this garbage they put out now.  Man, no wonder why so many people hate on hip hop and rap.  The stuff that’s on the airwaves now just makes me want to punch myself in the balls.  It’s so awful.

So to defend some good hip hop and bring back some nostalgia, I’m going to list some of my favorite artists and albums growing up:

Ludacris – Word of Mouf.  Oh man, I had 2 12 inch subwoofers in my Jeep at the time. This album bumped serious bass. “Move bitch! Get out the way, get out the way, bitch, get out the way!” sounds way better than “Take my haannnnnddddd…..we’ll make it…. I swear?” Oh god, I just gagged.

Busta Rhymes – Had a few good albums.  Loved Bussa bus.  Woo HA gotcha all in check!

Method Man and Redman – “Zeem Zeeema who got the keys to my beema?”  Hahahahaha.  Love it

Ja Rule?  Yeah he was corny, but we all enjoyed his jams whether you admit it or not.

2pac and Biggie – No need to say more.  Although I can’t say I prefer one over the other.  I enjoy both as much as the other.

Wu-Tang, Rakim, NWA.  Older but some of the best stuff out there.

Snoop and Dre before they went soft with the mainstream garbage they put out now. Same with Eminem.  Music industry has its way of making the greats bow down and s some d.  Poor Snoop.  Poor Dre.  Eminem.  *sob*  S’ing some D now.

Nas.  Rakim.  LL Cool J.  Mobb Deep.  Heavy hitting.  Loved it.

Remember Ski-lo?  I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller…. haha.

Even the Beastie Boys.  Damn.  I really think the 90s were awesome for music.  But of course maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s.  Anyway, just had a nostalgic moment.  I hope you guys enjoyed the music of that era as well.

If you got some more you’d like to add, please comment.  I think the next time I hear a Bon Jovi song I’m going to hit my head off of my fist.  Really hard.  Ugh.







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