Some more swing trades

Been seeing some good success with my swing trades lately so wanted to share some more charts with ya’ll.  We all love charts, don’t we?  I know I do.

I have been swing trading regularly for about 8 months now – about 5 of them taken a bit more seriously.  The first 3 months just kind of small sizes, risking about .5% of my account, fiddling around with some shit.  I started in about September of 2016 with around $8000 or so in a Scottrade account.  I took a handful of trades through the end of the year until about February that I realized I was just spinning my wheels.  Luckily, I had one monster trade in AMD take my account up to about $9600 or so.  The rest were small losers and a handful of bigger winners.

Switched over to IB and the commissions are so low that I am less gun-shy at making trades and taking partials since $2 round trip sure as hell beats $14 round trip.  Especially if you have 2 different targets.  Then you’re paying $21-$28 to scale out for Scottrade and $4 for IB.  BIG HUGE difference.  Anyway, since employing and sticking to a set of rules and criteria, I have seen some good results. My account as of May 29th, 2017 is at $11,030.

Basically the two strategies I use are pullback-consolidation-breakouts which I briefly explained in an earlier post and the breakouts/breakdown strategy using the 3×3 method.

Here are some more trades I am either in or waiting for entry.

AAN – red line was my trigger.  Pullback consolidation breakout method.  I am in long.  My stop is at $34.99 just below the whole number.  Taking off 1/2 off of my position at 1x my risk with my second half target slightly above the recent swing high at $38.

AAN Swing


DKS – has taken a beating lately.  Looking to enter on a break below the low of those 2 dojis.  Keeping a tight stop .01 above the doji high.  My first target will be 1x my risk, unless it moves down with strong momentum.  If it moves down strong I may even add to my position to play the breakdown of the double touch you see there.  If unsure, I’ll take off 1/2 at 1x my risk and let the other half ride with my stop at break even.

DKS swing


PCAR – This one I will enter using the 3×3 method.  Nice tight consolidation right at the breakdown level.  If it breaks below $62 I will have a stop limit order sitting at $61.98 with my first target at 3% or $60.14.

PCAR swing


MU – last trade I’m looking at this week for entry using the 3×3 method. I’ve made some money off of this stock twice now since January. The S&P is making new all time highs and just broke out so I like the support that MU will have behind it.  It has also been strong all year.  Looking for a break above the highs with entry at $29.88.  First target at +3% or $30.78.

MU Swing


That’s it for what I am keeping my eye out for this week.


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