Some more trades I’m in (6/1/2017)

Forgot to add these to my last post.  That one was running a bit long so I thought I’d just start a new post with a new watch list.

A – 3×3 method.  Looking good so far

A Swing

Bottom red line was my trigger.  Middle red line is +1.5% where I will move my stop loss to break even.  Top red line is +3% profit target.  Again, as always, if the price hits my 1st target without a pullback, I will take off the full position.  If it pulls back before my first target, I will take off 3/4 when it reaches it as usually after a pullback it sets up for another run up (not always, of course).

Same story.  3×3 on DRI.  Middle line is +1.5%.  Just about there, hoping for some strong continuation today before the weekend.

DRI Swing


Last trade I am in is VFC.  This is the pullback consolidation method.

VFC Swing

Looks like the recent uptrend has come to a halt and the first pullback after the confirmed down trend is occurring.  Triggered in at the top red line.  Price made one attempt to go lower about 6 days prior to my entry.  So this is the second time prices will attempt to go down so I like the odds.

Middle red line is my 1st target.  I’ll take off 1/2 my position here as that will cover my initial risk.  The bottom red line is my 2nd target where I may take off 1/4.  Like I said, I don’t trust the market to follow technical analysis books – this is a clear cut downtrend but expecting prices move down below the previous low is a lot to ask for.

Like I said, even if I’m wrong, I like profiting.  If I subscribed to the 4:1 rule with my full size, I’d be pulling my hair out at any bounce or movement against me.  Peel off some money as it moves down.  I like it.

Actually, no watch list stocks today as it is Friday and I don’t take swing trades on Friday.  So will manage these positions today and look for new picks over the weekend.





3 thoughts on “Some more trades I’m in (6/1/2017)

    1. it’s been here and there. alot of break evens and small losses. but i’ve had good days so it’s keeping things balanced.

      loved the new post – especially the point about time and experience. i’ll comment more on it soon


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