Moving soon – Busy!

I haven’t been updating the blog lately.  My wife and I are getting ready to move to Berlin, Germany at the beginning of September.

I have still been day trading about 3 days a week and taking less swing trades than normal.  Only because I don’t have as much time to keep an eye on them.  Unfortunately, I thought I could manage and just set stops, targets, etc. but I took 2 big losses when stocks gapped down past my stop order and I didn’t notice until I logged in a few days later to see that I am down 2R more than I should be.  Lesson learned.  Don’t get too complacent with your trading.

Right now swing trades I’m in are only SBUX from $55.50 (working out really well so far, I’m adding if it breaks below $52.99 today).

If you followed my squeeze lists a few weeks ago, you’ll see that ATHM has finally made someone call “uncle.”  I entered, stopped out, entered, stopped out multiple times.  Whoever was shorting this stock had deep pockets and was willing to just keep adding to their short position, regardless of how it traded.  I gave up.  It finally squeezed.  Ugh.  Guess whoever was holding their short position finally had enough.

Hope to get back to posting regularly after the move sometime in October.  Until then, happy trading everyone.


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